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2015 Annual Show Results


Thank you to all our Sponsors, Exhibitors,

and to all our Guests who attended




on Saturday, June 6, 2015.

(This was a new day to hold our show, in a new location:

CityGate Ministries Activities Building

1735 Jackson Street, Fort Myers, FL  33901

(between 2nd St. and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd;

This is in the same building as Taste of Lee holds their event.)

OPEN FOR BLOOM EXHIBITORS 7:00 am - 11:00 am

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 1:00 - 4:00 pm

WINNING BLOOMS - JEH 2015 SHOW:                                                        


      Best of Show Single                         Best of Show Double                   Best of Show Miniature                  Best of Show Seedling
        "Bold and Sassy"                             "Queen of Dreams"                        "Little Rapscallion"                         " Neela's Orange"
         Big Bad Flower/Teresa Selgado           Jim Bridges                          Exotic Hibiscus/Curt Sinclair               Frank Heffernan


         Amateur Single                           Amateur Double                            Collector Single                                 Collector Double
       "Jeanette Elliff"                           "Magic Moments"                              "Aztec Sun"                                         "Unknown"
         Kelly Blevins                                  Kelly Blevins                               Walter Bisselle                                     Judy Nadella


Open Collector Single                      Open Collector Double                   Commercial Single                          Commercial Double
     "Creole Lady"                                      "Flameball"                                "Madam Dupont"                             "Chartreuse Rose"
        Bill Bryan                                            Bill Bryan                                    Don Bernard                             Big Bad Flower/Teresa Selgado


           Miniature Single                             Miniature Double                    Seedling Regular Single
               "Stolen Kiss"                                   "Bayou Rose"                               Best of Show
               Kelly Blevins                                    Kelly Blevins

          Seedling Regular Double                      Seedling Miniature Single                   Seedling Miniature Double
                  "Tango Fan"                                              "2173"                                               "Pink Rose"
             Edith & Sigi Steinle                       Exotic Hibiscus/Curt Sinclair                      Edith & Sigi Steinle

      Sweepstakes Amateur             Sweepstakes Collector                   Sweepstakes Open Collector           Sweepstakes Commercial
         "Early Morning"                           "Peppermint Star"                               "Barry Schleuter"                           "Victoria's Touch"         
            Kelly Blevins                                Judy Nadella                                          Bill Bryan                            Exotic Hibiscus/Curt Sinclair


       Wanda Schmoyer,                  Barbara Oster,                       Edith Steinle,
       Jack Bernatz, and                Frank Heffernan                      Connie Roush,
                Nancy Kopp                 Margaret Imporatore                     Sigi Steinle


           Wes Rowe,                         Charlotte Harff,               David & Melanie Craig
         Pat LaCoste,                       Teresa Salgado,                     Krista Mathews
        and Rita Hall             Kelly Blevins & Randy Henson


                                                         Clockwise from 12:00 L-R:
                       1. Denise Roeder; Connie Roush, Katie McClain (front),
                                         Dave Wallin and Duke Graessle.
                                     2.  Bill Bryan and Ann Wollschleger.
                         3.  John Webster, Fred Roush, and Gary Matthews.

****FREE Raffle Tickets were handed out at the door

with Drawings every Half Hour for the Prizes shown above****

  650 Plants of these 39 Different Varieties of Hibiscus Plants

      were sold at our Plant Sale between 1:00pm and 4:00 pm.

Cash, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards were Accepted for Payment:



 Congratulations to the winners of the Special Raffle Ticket Sales:

The "Baskets by Patricia" winners:

Giant Hibiscus Basket:  Kelly Wilson

Tea Basket:  Shana Limbaugh

Wine Basket:  Patty MacInnis

Ice Cream Basket: Siggie Odle

BBQ Basket:  Krista Mathews

Golf Basket:  Jane Gieryic

Cooks Basket:  Jim Bridges

Doggie Basket:  Debbie Hughes

Birthday Basket:  LH (Pete) Fuller, Jr

JEH Hibiscus Care Bucket: Paul Pasko

Hibiscus Plant/Cajun Princess:  Jack/Charlotte

Hibiscus Plant/Creole Lady:  Robert Henton

Hibiscus Plant/Dixieland Delight:  Jane Gieryic

Butterfly Estates Certificate:  Matthew Wilson

PGA Golf Certificte:  Liz Vaughn

Hooters Chicken Wings:  Terry Martin

Pinchers Crab Shack:  Lisa C

3 Eager Beaver Car Wash Certificates:

(1) Jim McCune (2) Helen DeMarco (3) Patricia Myers

3 B&D Organic Worm Castings Fertilizer:

(1) Dee Wallin (2) Jack /Charlotte (3) Diane Roeder


    (Giant Hibiscus Basket)           (Wine Basket)


   3 Gallon Hibiscus Plants from Sun-fire Nurseries:

Cajun Princess        Creole Lady      Dixieland Delight