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The American Hibiscus Society was Chartered on November 10th, 1950 in Palm Beach County?

James E. Hendry Jr. helped organize the American Hibiscus Society and
attended the first Hibiscus Show in Palm Beach at that time?

Ruth Stuart Allen, publisher-editor of the Tropical Home and gardening Magazine, was the first Executive Secretary?

The first Hibiscus Show in Fort Myers was held by A.H.S. area members and
sponsored by the Men's Garden Club at the Civic Center, October 21,
1951, with the theme "Know Your Hibiscus"?

The James E. Hendry Chapter was officially organized June 15, 1952?

Gilbert Moore was temporary Chairman and Miss Helen Johnson (now Mrs. James E.
Hendry, III) was temporary secretary at that meeting?

The first officers were:
President- Ralph Philo
Vice-President- Mrs. Helen Sanders
Secretary- Miss Helen Johnson
Treasurer- S.I. Echelbarger
Delegate to A.H.S. meetings- Gilbert Moore?

The first members were:
Ralph Philo, James E. Hendry Jr., Mrs. Jack (Helen) Z. Sanders, Ralph
McWilliams, Miss Helen Johnson, Bert Moore (Gilbert), Mrs. Clyde Lamb,
Mrs. Wallace Alderman, S.I. Echelbarger, Mrs. Bob Dean, Mrs. Hendry
Daniels, Harlan B. Farrar and Earnest P. Raymond?

The first official Chapter Show was held in the Fort Myers Junior High School gymnasium on September 14, 1952?
Judges came from as far away as Alabama and Mississippi?

Mayor Edwards of Fort Myers proclaimed the week of September 7-14, 1952 as Hibiscus Week?

In 1953 a perfume named "Hibiscus" was developed by Mrs. Delauney and a
bottle was sent to Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower in the name of the Chapter?

Harry Goulding's daughter was married at a "Hibiscus" wedding in 1955?

Ross Gast, noted hibiscus hybridizer and researcher in California, sent 500 seedlings to the Hendry chapter in 1955?
He later visited the Chapter in 1956?

The first issue of "The Seed Pod" was dated February 1956?

The Hendry Chapter won a Blue Ribbon award for an exhibit of six hibiscus
plants sent to the International Horticultural  Exhibit held in
Haiti, May 1, 1956?

The 1955, 1956 and 1957 Shows were held in the Exhibition hall?

The James E. Hendry Chapter had 241 members in 1956?

Two people from Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia, Africa became members of A.H.S. in 1958?

Ralph Philo was elected President of the American Hibiscus Society in 1967?

The 1968 James E. Hendry Hibiscus Show was cancelled due to Hurricane Gladys?

"The Seed Pod"'s first color hibiscus cover photo was "Blooming Blazes" in the summer of 1979?